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AAZK Recycling Program

The Jacksonville’s AAZK Chapter has placed a recycling bin outside the ticket booths at main camp. It is located on the left before the ticket booths, against the gift shop wall. This bin is for ink cartridges, cell phones, digital cameras and toners. Please bring in all of your recyclables from home, work or children’s school, and drop them off in the bin.

AAZK is the American Association of Zoo Keepers, a non-profit organization run by volunteers striving to save endangered, and near endangered, animals and plants, and the ecosystems around them. In addition, we strive to educate people about the importance of coexisting with all plants and animals without causing any harm. 

Recycling Drop-off Center

For ink cartridges, digital cameras and cell phones

Location: Front entrance of the zoo-after ticket window on the right.

Reason to Donate: More than 300 million empty printer cartridges are generated in North America every year, or 900 million pounds of waste.

Positive outcomes:

  • Plant trees: One tree will be planted for every 24 qualifying cell phones or cartridges that AAZK returns. The Think Recycle program has paid for the planting of more than 50,000 trees, effectively removing 8,700 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Remove waste from our landfills: It takes 1,000 years for cell phones and cartridges to decompose.
  • Remove toxic pollution from landfills: Cartridges contain many dangerous chemicals, including lead and mercury, which can make the soil, water and the air unsafe.
  • Raise money: The money raised from these cartridges will go to the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK), a non-profit organization run by volunteers striving to save ecosystems and endangered, animals and plants. Seventy-five percent of the money will be used by AAZK for fundraisers and educational events. 25% of the funds will go to the following conservation organizations.

Program run by: The American Association of Zoo Keepers - Jacksonville Chapter
Program made possible by thinkrecycle.com and The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens