Help us, rebels! You're our only hope!

On May 5th, the Alliance to Restore the Republic will be meeting at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to end the Dark side of Extinction. The galaxy's top zookeepers will be there with species from all over the globe - and the need back-up.

Join the rebellion and have an awesome time doing it! Fans big and small can enjoy the enrichment, chats, face painting, and chance drawings for exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences.

Schedule of Animal Enrichment on May 5

Other animals will be getting enrichment throughout the day but these are the only species getting enrichment at a specific time.
9:15 – Lemur (African Boardwalk)
9:30 – Amur Leopard (Main Path)
10:00 – Giant Otter (Emerald Forest Aviary)
10:30 – Hicatee Turtle (Emerald Forest Aviary)
11:00 – Magellanic Penguins (Play Park)
11:30 – Amphibians (Save the Frogs, Australia Loop)
12:00 – Cassowary (Australia Loop)
2:15 – Komodo (Asian Path)
3:00 – White Rhino (African Boardwalk)
3:30 – Black Bear and Florida Panther (Wild Florida)

Revenge of the Fifth is presented by the Jacksonville chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers.