Bamboo, Mexican Weeping

Otatea acuminata ssp. aztecorum

  • More drought tolerant than most other bamboos

  • Grows to 20’ with a 1 ½” culm diameter (subspecies aztecorum is taller than acuminata, which grows to 15’)

  • Clumping bamboo, 1-2 feet spacing between culms-some consider this slightly invasive

  • Evergreen, thin, delicate leaves on weeping branches

  • “Otatea” means “solid cane” or “bamboo” in the Aztec language (Nahuatl). The genus Otatea consists of 2-3 species ranging from Central America to South America

  • Used for building huts, fences, roofs, baskets, furniture, and toys. This bamboo is resistant to rot, fungus and insects.


Hot lowlands and mountain slopes of Mexico (often seen with cacti and agaves)

USDA Cold hardiness Zones

8-11 (hardy to 22F)

Light Requirement

Full sun to part shade

Soil Requirements

Well drained soil