3rd Grade  - 5th Grade

3rd Grade choose from:

Animal Discovery
SC.3.L.15.1 & SC.3.N.1.1 & SC.3.N.1.5 & LAFS.3.SL.1.1
Uncover the basic characteristics of the vertebrate classes: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

SC.3.L.17.1 & SC.3.L.17.2 & SC.3.N.1.1 & SC.3.N.1.6 & SS.3.G.1.1 & HE.3.P.8.1 & LAFS.3.SL.1.3 & LAFS.K12.R.3.7 & LAFS.3.RI.3.7
Join us as we explore the characteristics of some of the most diverse ecosystems: freshwater and marine, tundra, desert, grasslands, deciduous, and rain forests. Discover what adaptations the animals living in those systems need to ensure their survival.

4th Grade choose from:

Wild Florida
SC.4.L.17.1 & SC.4.L.17.4 & SS.4.G.1.1 & SS.4.G.1.2 & LAFS.4.L.3.6
Join us as we learn about the amazing animals and habitats that Florida has to offer.

5th Grade choose from:

Who Eats Whom
SC.5.L.17.1 & SC.5.L.15.1
Come learn how animals rely on one another for their own survival in this class all about food chains.

SC.5.E.7.5 & SC.5.L.15.1 & SC.5.L.17.1 & LAFS.5.RI.3.7 & LAFS.5.SL.1.1
Learn how to identify parts of the plant while developing an understanding for how they grow and the important relationship between plants, humans, and animals. Then meet our animal ambassadors and learn how they utilize plants and trees.

4th and 5th Grade choose from:

Expedition Explore
Join us as we learn about some of the wonderful plants and animals that live in different parts of the world. This unique program utilizes animal biofacts while the students walk through the Zoo with a staff member, learning interesting facts and some of the ways that they can help make an environmentally positive difference in the world.
*Choose one exploration destination:
                                                                 Range of the Jaguar
                                                                 The Land of the Tiger
                                                                 Great Apes
*This is a 90-minute program that begins at the education campus and ends inside of the Zoo.

To schedule an program please email 
tamezc@jacksonvillezoo.org or call 904.757.4463 ext. 388