PreK - 2nd Grade

Pre-K and Kindergarten:

We Like to Move It, Move It 

PE.K.M.1.1 & SC.K.L.14.3 & SC.K.P.12.1 & PE.K.M.1.1 & LAFS.K.SL.2.6

Meet some interesting critter while discovering how animals use their bodies to move. Join us as we move like our wild animal friends!
*20 students or less

Zoo Babies

SC.K.N.1.5 & SC.K.P.12.1 & SS.K.E.1.4

What does a baby toad look like? Was that giraffe always so tall? Do tiger cubs already have stripes when they are born? Join us as we discuss what all baby animals need to survive as well as their differences that occur from species to species.

1st Grade choose from:

Life Cycles

SC.1.L.16.1 & SC.1.E.6.2 & SC.1.L.14.3 & LAFS.1.SL.2.6 & SS.1.C.2.3 & SS.1.C.2.4

Take a closer look at the unique life cycles of plants, butterflies, and animals. We'll discover how animals grow and change, some in very different ways than others.

Sense-ational Animals

SC.1.L.14.1 & SC.1.N.1.1 & SC.1.N.1.2 & SS.1.C.2.4 & SS.1.G.1.6

Do you taste with your feet or smell with your tongue? Join us as we discover some of nature’s amazing senses.

2nd Grade choose from:

Backbones and Bodies

SC.2.L.14.1 & HE.2.C.1.1 & HE.2.C.1.5 & PE.2.L.3.1

Learn about the parts of the human body: the skeleton, muscles, heart, lungs, and brain. Learn how they compare to the other vertebrate animals using examples from the vertebrate classes - fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Hide and Seek

SC.2.L.17.1 & SC.2.N.1.5 & LAFS.2.L.1.1

What tools and adaptations are animals equipped with to help them survive in their environments? Come join us as we learn about animals and their unique skills.

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