Green Team





Working towards making sure we are operating the Zoo in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, making the Zoo an educational resource for sustainable practices, and setting an example for the community.



Create recycling program. We currently recycle:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Electronics
  • Batteries
  • Kitchen Grease
  • Ink cartridges and toner
  • Waste Oil and filters
  • Tires
  • Pallets
  • Manure/Bedding


Other Accomplishments

  • Received CleanZone Certification Level 1 and 2 Awards from Janpak, Inc. for the Trout River Grille and Palm Plaza Café implementation of a green cleaning program, a chemical dilution control program, a waste reduction program, and the use of sustainable products
  • Partnered with CSX Corporation to add 3 new solar powered lights to the Zoo’s parking lot for improved guest safety and comfort, bringing total number of solar lights to 5.
  • Added rain-barrels at Education and ROJ with signage.Increased Zoo participation in community conservation efforts such as the San Marco library bio-swale/rain garden and the North Florida Green Building Council’s Sustainability Resource Center.
  • Increase bicycle fleet, decrease golf cart fleet.
  • Power Down Campaign
  • Greenie Award
  • Began electrical upgrades in Zoo Hospital to include more efficient lighting, programmable thermostats, rewiring.
  • Public e-Waste drives.
  • Green Tips at monthly All-Staff meetings.
  • E-waste education program.
  • Quarterly Wild Magazine article.


Short-term Goals (1-2 years)

  • Continue e-waste drives.
  • Add more solar parking lot lights.
  • Set up all printers do print double-sided.
  • Survey staff for assessment of how we are doing and new ideas.
  • Replace motion sensors with manual flush valves on all toilets.
  • Continue to reduce the cart fleet.
  • Water audit.
  • Add programmable thermostats.
  • Add signage to storm drains to explain connection to the river.


Medium –term Goals (2-5 years)

  • Replace incandescent string lights on Main Path by adding LED Landscape lighting.
  • Create zoo standards for plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, lighting, heat lamps, cleaning and janitorial supplies, solvents, lubricants, pumps, paint, sealants, packaging, appliances and equipment.
  • Replace blowers with vacuums for outdoor clean-up.
  • Increase growing more animal diet – Hydroponics/Aquaponics.
  • Serve only sustainable coffees.
  • Use only bio-degradable serving containers and utensils.
  • Add solar-thermal system/display.
  • Run trains on bio-diesel.


Long-term Goals (5+ years)

  • Create a more comprehensive composting program – food waste/landscape waste.
  • Build living roof as educational display.
  • Eliminate bottled water.
  • Zero Palm Oil policy.
  • Bio-Filtration display/system.


Ways you can help the Zoo

Ink, Toner and Cell Phones