Conservation Speaker Series
The Bonobo and Congo Biodiversity Initiative: A 20 Year Perspective
Thursday, February 7  //  5:30 - 7:30 pm

Featuring Gay Reinartz, Ph. D.
Director, Bonobo and Congo Biodiversity Initiative

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The Bonobo and Congo Biodiversity Initiative was created in 1997 by the Zoological Society of Milwaukee and works in Salonga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo protecting critically endangered bonobos.

Bonobos have a very unique social structure where the females are in charge, and the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is only one of seven zoos in the United States that cares for bonobos. Join us as we welcome Dr. Gay Reinartz to Jacksonville, hear her speak about her team's work and get the chance to ask a bonobo expert some great and thought-provoking questions.

More Conservation Speaker Series dates to be announced soon...